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An Enchanted Reverie

An Enchanted Reverie, Theme quilts – “Floral Rhapsody”
An Enchanted Reverie Theme Quilts- 1st Prize

Theme quilts – “Floral Rhapsody”    122 x 91  

Artist Statement/ Description/ Method
Show me a mustard field in bloom, and I’ll show you a couple having their own DDLJ moment. What is it about a field of flowers that makes Bollywood break into a song and wax rhapsodic about love?
Be it the radiant sarson ke kheth (mustard fields) of North India or the vibrant tulip fields of Europe, Bollywood is there in its saree-clad avatar, with extravagance and glamour, complete with song and dance in the imagery to captivate us in endless rapture!
What remains with us is a technicolor dream-like sequence where we are Sridevi in the flowery hillside of Switzerland, Rekha in the tulip fields of the Netherlands, or Kajol in the mustard fields of Punjab, in an incredible mood and melody with an imaginary Amitabh, Rishi, SRK there with us!